Selected Articles, Meditations – and even more

By clicking on ‘Articles’ you can download a selection of articles I have written on Shiatsu.

The ‘Meditation on the 12 Body Spaces’ together with a accompanying text as well as the “Meditation of the Smiling Lumbar Vertebras” can be accessed by clicking on Audio Download.


  • Articles by Wilfried Rappenecker (Link)

Text Cherokee Dance

  • Cherokee Dance Link

Audio Downloads

Meditation on 12 Body Spaces

  • Meditation on 12 Body Spaces (zip)

  • Accompanying text to the Meditation on 12 Body Spaces (PDF)

Meditation ‘Smiling Lumbars’

  • Meditation ‘Smiling Lumbars’ (zip)

(In German:) Rundfunkbeitrag des Österreichischen Rundfunk – ORF

  • Ein Beitrag zu Shiatsu in Klinik und Forschung (zip)

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