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I have contributed to a total of seven textbooks on Shiatsu as either an author, co-author or editorincluding ‘Yu Sen – Shiatsu für Anfaenger’ (‘Yu Sen – Shiatsu for Beginners’) and ‘Fuenf Elemente und zwoelf Meridiane’ (‘Five Elements and Twelve Meridians’, both published by Felicitas Hübner Verlag); together with Meike Kockrick ‘Atlas Shiatsu’, and together with other authors ‘Fallstudien aus der therapeutischen Shiatsu-Praxis’ (‘Case Studies in Therapeutic Shiatsu’, both published by Urban & Fischer Verlag). In addition, I have written numerous articles and textbook contributions about Shiatsu.

Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced Shiatsu practitioner or simply would like to find out more about Shiatsu, you will find books and articles here which will support you, both during your training and in your professional life.



Yu Sen – Gushing Spring

Shiatsu for Beginners
by Wilfried Rappenecker

Available in German, Polish, Italian and French.

This book outlines the basic philosophy of Shiatsu in an easily accessible style. It describes the pathways of the 12 traditional meridians and the basic techniques for their treatment used in Shiatsu. The structure of the book is based on the curricula of renowned Shiatsu colleges in the German-speaking countries of Europe.

Whether you would like to learn Shiatsu or whether you’re just looking for some general information, you’ll find this book a rich source of interesting and important information. At the end of the book the reader will find a detailed description of the Makko-Ho exercises, a series of six exercises based on Shiatsu. The beautiful drawings by the British illustrator Richard Hartwell alone make this book worth buying. ‘Yu Sen’ is probably the most successful Shiatsu book for beginners available in German.

Published by Felicitas Hübner-Verlag, 5th edition 2011, ISBN 3-927359-05-5

Yu Sen – Accompanying DVD

Shiatsu for Beginners DVD
by Wilfried Rappenecker

Available only in German

The DVD is used for demonstration purposes during Shiatsu training but it is equally suitable for anyone who would like to see and learn how Shiatsu can contribute to inner calm, health and wellbeing.

Based on the book ‘Yu Sen – Shiatsu for Beginners’, the DVD provides an in-depth introduction to the principles and basic techniques of Shiatsu, while the basic treatment of the 12 meridians is demonstrated in great detail. The DVD concludes with six exercises for promoting the flow of energy (Makko-Ho exercises).

The DVD features a helpful study tool by allowing the user to navigate to individual meridians and their treatments.

DVD running time: 110 minutes

Five Elements and Twelve Meridians

A Handbook for Shiatsu and Bodywork
by Wilfried Rappenecker

Available in English, German, Polish and Italian.

The theory of the Five Transformations offers a unique approach to a holistic understanding of a client’s life situation and indicates how to approach treatments. For this reason the theory is often an integral part of training in Shiatsu, acupuncture and body therapies.
This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the theory of the Five Elements, with particular focus on how the elements manifest in the body and mind. Detailed diagrams explain where in the body each element reveals itself to the bodyworker.

Table of contents

160 pages with many illustrations by Richard Hartwell
Felicitas Hübner Verlag
ISBN 978-3-941911-51-2

Atlas Shiatsu

The Meridians of Zen-Shiatsu
by Wilfried Rappenecker and Meike Kockrick

Available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.

Meridians are a fundamental tool in Shiatsu therapy. Energetic phenomena can be perceived in many areas of the body, which together form a network of meridians. By following these meridians, it is possible to feel and touch their varied manifestations and vitality in the different areas of the body – and to actively work with them. Indeed, meridians are not clearly defined lines. However, these theoretical lines provide important guidance for finding the true meridians.

The Atlas Shiatsu will provide invaluable help for deepening your understanding of this manual therapy.

In-depth descriptions of all meridian pathways accompanied by numerous images. The structure of the book provides both an overview as well as detail.
Additional chapters about the meridian pathways on the joints. More than 250 photos and drawings. All important information at a glance.

Atlas Shiatsu – ideal for both beginners and experienced practitioners who would like to refresh or deepen their knowledge.

Elsevier Urban & Fischer Verlag, 3rd edition 2016, ISBN: 978-3-437-57340-8

Case Studies from the Therapeutic Shiatsu Practice

by Wilfried Rappenecker (ed.)

Available only in German.

With 34 contributions by 19 experienced Shiatsu practitioners and teachers, including:

  • Cliff Andrews
  • Bill Palmer
  • Wilfried Rappenecker
  • Suzanne Yates
  • Dinah John
  • Pamela Ferguson
  • Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke
  • Mike Webster
  • Patrizia Stefanini
  • Germana Fruttarolo
  • Meike Kockrick
  • Peter Itin
  • Susan Hoffmann

This book focuses on the different options and approaches for successful Shiatsu treatment. Based on real case studies, this is the first book to provide the reader with invaluable insights on how acclaimed Shiatsu practitioners approach their treatments.

The 34 case studies presented by the team of authors internationally renowned in the Shiatsu-world – 19 authors from 6 countries – impressively demonstrate the wide range of approaches leading to successful treatments with Shiatsu. The reader will learn, which therapeutic options are applied, how treatments are adapted as part of the treatment process, and what results are to be expected. Each individual case makes it clear how differently the authors practice Shiatsu depending on their initial understanding of the case, perception of the client and use of therapeutic measures. This becomes particularly obvious in cases with comparable complaints.

The book places special emphasis on the practical approaches to treatment and on the therapeutic considerations during the course of treatment. This illustrates what is possible and also where there is a limit to what is possible. A Shiatsu therapist must be able to tailor the therapeutic process to the specific situation of a person in need. This demonstrates that the learning process for therapists does not end after completing basic Shiatsu training but rather just begins.

This collection of case studies is intended for Shiatsu students and practitioners, for doctors, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, naturopaths and people working in the caring professions, as well as patients interested to learn more about Shiatsu.

Case Studies from the Therapeutic Shiatsu Practice features:

  • General information about Shiatsu as a therapeutic method
  • Biographical information about the authors as well as their specialisation in Shiatsu
  • In-depth description of selected case studies of each author
  • Glossary of relevant Shiatsu terms

Elsevier Urban & Fischer Verlag, first edition 2013, ISBN: 978-3-437-58280-6

Reader European Shiatsu-Conference 2007

Available in English and German.

The lecturers of the European Shiatsu Conference each wrote an article on the theme they presented at the Congress and these were then compiled in the conference reader. This can be ordered either at the office in our school or directly from the publisher Kientalerhof: info@kientalerhof.ch.

Table of contents of the 2007 reader:

1. Keynotes

  • The future of Shiatsu in public health
    Rudiger Dahlke, Stephan Sigrist, Peter Itin

2. Essential questions in Shiatsu

  • What is energy? – Cliff Andrews, Mike Webster, Peter ltin, Wilfried Rappenecker
  • What are meridians?– Cliff Andrews, Gabriella Poli, Patrizia Stefanini, Peter von Blarer, Mike Mandi, Wilfried Rappenecker
  • Is there an unspecific effect of Shiatsu? – Doris Sp6rri, Eduard Tripp, Patrizia Stefanini, Paul Lundberg, Wilfried Rappenecker 1

3.PracticaI topics of the congress,

  • Supervision Friederike Denner
  • Other subjects – Doris Spörri, Eduard Tripp
  • Shiatsu with clients who are in a life crisis – Rüdiger Dahlke, Gabriella Poli, Marlyse Schweizer, Mike Webster
  • Shiatsu and trauma therapy – Cliff Andrews, Markus Fischer, Paul Lundberg, Peter Itin
  • Shiatsu with clients who suffer from states of fear – Alan Nash, Tomas Nelissen
  • Shiatsu with clients who suffer from states of pain – Bill Palmer, Eduard Tripp, Paul Lundberg, Pierre Clavreux, Sonia Moriceau, Wilfried Rappenecker
  • Shiatsu with cancer patients – Patrizia Stefanini, Thea Bailey
  • Shiatsu with MS patients – Alan Taylor, Peter von Blarer

4. Swiss politics in relation to Complementary Medicine

  • Friederike Denner, Zita Fréfel-Noser

Reader Europäischer Shiatsu-Kongress 2011

The lecturers of the European Shiatsu Conference each wrote an article on the theme they presented at the Congress and these were then compiled in the conference reader. This can be ordered either at the office in our school or directly from the publisher Kientalerhof: info@kientalerhof.ch.

Table of contents of the 2011 Reader:

  • Shiatsu for Pregnancy and birth – Beatrice Bircher, Susanne Hoffmann, Suzanne Yates
  • Shiatsu with small children – Tarsin Grainger, Karin Kalbantner, Wolfgang Löffler, Britta Ossenbrüggen, Bill Palmer, Thomas Wernicke, Suzanne Yates
  • Shiatsu with the elderly – Werner Brünner, BillPalmer, Gabriella Poll
  • Shiatsu with clients suffering from burnout – Ricarda Doneiser, Gaby Falk, Eduard Tripp
  • Combining Shiatsu and Somatic Experience in the treatment of migraines – Meike Kockrick
  • Structural work – Char Scrivener, Claudia Beretta & Jörg Schiirpf
  • What is energetic awareness? – Cliff Andrews, Wilfried Rappenecker, Mike Webster
  • Additional qualification in Shiatsu – Barbara Ettler, Edith Graf-Litscher, Meike Kockrick, Frank Seemann
  • Chairmanship, supervision, process centredness, focusing – Beatrice Bircher, Peter Itin, Veronika Rufenacht – Daniel Schneitter, Eduard Tripp
  • Shiatsu in Europe – Peter Itin

Reader Europäischer Shiatsu-Kongress 2014 (DVD)

The lecturers of the European Shiatsu Conference each wrote an article on the theme they presented at the Congress and these were then compiled in the conference reader. This can be ordered either at the office in our school or directly from the publisher Kientalerhof: info@kientalerhof.ch.

Table of contents of the 2014 Reader:

  • Carola Beresford-Cook – Shiatsu Theory and Intuition
  • Graeme Docherty – Neck-Shoulder-Problems
  • Barbara Ettler – Complementary Therapist
  • Terésa Hadland – Archetypes
  • Terésa Hadland – What is healing
  • Peter Itin – A Model for the State Regulation of Shiatsu as a Profession
  • Peter Itin – Competences of a Complementary Therapist
  • Peter Itin – Inner Peace
  • Meike Kockrick – How Healing Occurs
  • Meike Kockrick – Learning to Deal with Change
  • Marianna Lazana – Shiatsu in institutions – challenges and chances
  • Wolfgang Löffler – Shiatsu in institutions
  • Wolfgang Löffler – Shiatsu on the Neck
  • Mike Mandl – Shiatsu on a chair
  • Bill Palmer – Learning How to Deal with Change
  • Nick Pole und Bill Palmer  – Open Space
  • Gabriella Poli – Touch in Shiatsu
  • Wilfried Rappenecker  – Touch in Shiatsu
  • Tatjana Rutonic – Finding inner peace
  • Tatjana Rutonic – How to connect theory and intuition in Shiatsu practice
  • Tatjana Rutonic – Touch in Shiatsu
  • Diego Sanchez – Shiatsu on the table
  • Diego Sanchez – Shiatsu in institutions
  • Daniel Schneiter – Touch in Shiatsu
  • Frank Seemann – What Is Healing and How Does It Occur
  • Pia Staniek – Finding Inner Peace
  • Pia Staniek – What is Healing and How does it Occur? – A Self-Experiment
  • Mudra Wurm – Shiatsu on the massage chair


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