23 - 25 Apr 2021

Energy Work in Shiatsu

Course Description

Working with Qi in Bodywork
a 4 to 5 day seminar for practitioners of any field of bodywork
It is true that in the end bodywork is always energy work. It makes a big difference, though, whether a practitioner is able to perceive energy structures or not. What you do not “see”, “feel” or “sense” you cannot really touch. This is because the practitioner’s attention is an as important tool in his work as are his hands: real touch only takes place where attention is. This fact is of special importance when working with specific complaints.
In order to work with Qi the practitioner’s body needs to feel wide and open in order to connect with the energetic. However, when you apply techniques in a physical way usually your body tenses up and for example the shoulder, arms and wrists show a tendency to get tight. The real challenge is to practice bodywork and energy work at the same time, which means to use your body in a very physical way, yet at the same time relaxed and open.
In this seminar Wilfried Rappenecker shows that this is possible indeed and how it can be done. He also shows that each of the participants is able to “see” energy patterns, to directly work with them and also perceive as they change in a treatment. A number of exercises guide the participants to become aware of their inborn ability and show how to make use of it.
Some of the Highlights of this seminar:
•  Understanding the nature of Qi and its reaction to touch
•  Touching physically and energetically at the same time
•  Whole body scan to perceive the client’s overall energy pattern
•  5 steps of working with a local complaint
•  Working with psychological issues in bodywork
•  Exercises to further develop these techniques and abilities at home
This workshop offers the tools that are needed for working with Qi. It enables the participants to work in their field of bodywork much more precisely and with a lot more joy.

Further information and booking directly at: Instituto Macrobiotico Portugal.

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