16 - 18 Apr 2021

Internal Techniques – Quality Of The Touch

Course Description

‘In Full Height’ – The Importance of Rising and Expansion in Shiatsu
Minimum duration 3 days, better 4 days
Please see also the article on ‘The Inner Technique of Expansion’ on our website:

The Internal Technique of Rising and Expansion is, in my view, the most important of all Internal Techniques. It represents an ambitious form of still Qi Gong in the Shiatsu practice. Like all Internal Techniques, it is based on a simple image: that the selected area or joint will noticeably expand. Of particular value is the practice of expanding the whole body; this form of expansion means that the practitioner can be both grounded and upright.
With this form of Qi Gong the practitioner’s body learns how to expand and release excess tension. This will increase the practitioner’s presence in their body. It will become more open and permeable, which will have an immediate effect on how the touch is perceived by the client. This touch is rather more subtle and direct; it reaches deeper and can access even distant areas of the receiver’s body. It thus greatly facilitates energetic perception as well as the work with energetic patterns and spaces.
This technique is also of great value for the practitioner and is, indeed, suitable for self-treatment. Visualizing expansion can be used for specific joints or areas where the practitioner feels tension or blockages. Pain will generally resolve immediately or diminish considerably.
In this seminar there will be sufficient time for participants to practice this Internal Technique, allowing them to apply it in practice in a wide range of ways. This will significantly change participants’ Shiatsu.
The course content includes:
·     Expanding the thumb and the arm
·     Focussed attention as the most important tool of Shiatsu
·     Rising and expansion in the Low Position
·     Rising and expansion in the High Position
·     Application of this Internal Technique in meridian work and with deep rhythm
·     ‘Showing oneself’ in Shiatsu – the meaning of the solar plexus.

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