28 Sep 2023 - 01 Oct 2023

Life Is Resonance – Resonance in Shiatsu

Course Description

Only resonance makes life possible. Resonance is the foundation of all interpersonal communication, all important decisions, our emotions and feelings; and it is the foundation of our health.
Personality, upbringing and painful life experiences can significantly limit our ability for resonance. Treating such ‘encapsulated’ areas with Shiatsu can liberate the impaired ability for resonance within the body as well as with the relationship to its environment.
Perception and many Shiatsu techniques are also based on the resonance principle. The prerequisite for being able to enter into resonance with a client’s space is, first and foremost, the discovery of one’s own resonance space since a person’s resonance tool is his/her own body space.
In this seminar we look at perception and areas of reduced or free resonance. The seminar will emphasise practicing our own capacity for resonance in order to create the conditions for this kind of perception. Postures and positions, which support the capacity for resonance, will be addressed in great detail. Selected ‘Inner Techniques’ as a form of still Qi Gong will allow participants to experience their presence in their own space. They will learn how they can practice at home to develop these skills further. Finally it will be shown how to work directly with a client’s resonating spaces and to observe how changes occur.
Some topics of the seminar:

  • What is resonance?
  • What impairs/prevents, what facilitates resonance in a person?
  • Perceiving a person’s resonance space
  • The Therapeutic Space
  • Local Shiatsu according to the resonance principle
  • Ki-projection as resonance technique
  • Resonance in meridian work
    Suitable for Shiatsu practitioners and advanced students (approximately from the middle of Shiatsu training).

Further information and registration directy at International Shiatsu School Austria

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