24 - 27 Sep 2020

Living Meridians – Meridian Work is Energy Work

Course Description

Living Meridians
     You can believe in Meridians because in your Shiatsu training or in a book someone claimed they exist. However, you can also experience them as reality through your own senses. Naturally meridian shiatsu is the more effective the more you perceive the channels, the more you are able to “see” them and touch them subtly and precisely in your work.
     Most Shiatsu students and practitioners find it difficult to perceive meridians. This ability is usually developed by and by over years of practice. In my own teaching I have found that it is not so difficult to teach this perceptual awareness (after I had gone the long way of practical experience myself). Although it does not take away the necessity of one’s own experience in daily practice, the methods I found make it possible to somehow initiate the ability of meridian perception. The participants of this course realize that they can actually perceive energetic phenomena like meridians, and also learn how to work with what they perceive in their daily treatments in a meaningful way.
     Here are some of the topics taught in the workshop:
•Participants learn how to perceive the quality of a meridian’s energy and to describe it in their own words.
• They learn the technique of “directed Ki” (so-called Ki-projection)
• They learn to perceive where and to what depth a meridian is running and how to touch its energy in the centre.
• They learn to understand the rhythm of meridian energy when it is touched, and to decide in what rhythm it should be worked with.
• They discover the crucial points along a meridian, which allow the easiest access to meridian energy.
• They learn how to “see” meridian energy before they touch it. They come to realize that these qualities are naturally there and that it is easy to touch them precisely.
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