25 - 28 Mar 2021

Shiatsu for Specific Complaints

Course Description

Shiatsu for Specific Disorders – Shiatsu with a Clear Focus

Working with common topics of a Shiatsu practice
with Wilfried Rappenecker

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When a person comes to the practice with a specific disorder, e.g. headaches or back pain, digestive disorders or joint problems, the Shiatsu practitioner will, of course, try to recall everything they have learnt so that the client will either feel better after the treatment, or perhaps even leave the practice free of any discomfort.
Often, however, a practitioner will try to work in a way so that the problem disappears as a result of the treatment. The client’s disorders turn into opponents that need to be eradicated. And even though we all know that this is not the way of Shiatsu, we all do it: we work against something perceived as negative that shouldn’t be there and thus has to be eliminated. This is exhausting and tedious and it diminishes the effectiveness of Shiatsu.
In this seminar, Wilfried Rappenecker will demonstrate that there is a much easier and more effective way of treating; that, in Shiatsu, we don’t fight illnesses and problems but rather support clients during difficult phases of their lives; and that in this way disorders will resolve more reliably when it is the right time. It will become clear that illnesses and disorders per se are not wrong or bad but necessary stages on an individual’s path of growth, thus fulfilling a positive task.
All problems, be they emotional or physical, manifest in the body in a clearly perceptible way. By working with these physical and energetic patterns, by touching them directly, so that opposites (kyo and jitsu) become connected and balance each other, our Shiatsu gets very simple and effective. Through the simple and direct touch during the Shiatsu treatment a person can experience their reality in a different (and sometimes also painful) way. They can discover the freedom to continue along their path but a different manner.
In a treatment, the guiding criteria are to establish a deep contact and to focus on a clear topic, which can generally be distinctly localised in the body (so-called focus area). Of further importance is to dispense with seemingly grandiose techniques which only reach the surface, as well as all other techniques and ‘goodies’ that are not strictly necessary for the specific topic at hand. In this way, Shiatsu receives a clear centre, it will be very simple – and very elegant.
This seminar will teach both, the basic theoretical understanding regarding the nature of individual complaints as well as a meaningful diagnostic approach. A further central point will be the perception of the patterns at the location of the complaint as well as its integration into the entire (energetic) body. There will be particular attention on meridian-free work as well as advanced techniques for both local treatments and meridian work.
It is planned to work with topics that are commonly encountered in a Shiatsu practice, such as headaches, back pain, joint disorders, or emotional problems/life crises. The topics will be chosen at the beginning of the seminar according to requests by participants; of course, it is also possible to choose completely different topics. Participants are welcome to bring their own experiences with specific complaints to the course. This will engender an atmosphere of trust in which participants can mutually benefit from the experiences of others. This will often stimulate intervision.
For graduates and advanced students of a recognised Shiatsu training.

Further information and registration directly at the office of ISSÖ.

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