30 Sep 2021 - 03 Oct 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Shiatsu With Clients In A Psychological Crisis

Course Description:

Shiatsu with clients who suffer from psychological distress

Minimum time: 3 full days, better: 4 days

Please see the articles “Shiatsu with psychological problems” at   
In their daily work it becomes obvious to Shiatsu practitioners that Shiatsu has a clear potential for working with psychological issues. This workshop shows how to make use of this potential, and how to give our clients good support in a psychologically stressful situation.
When working with psychological issues Shiatsu follows the same principles as when working with clients who come because of physical symptoms. However, there are a number of phenomena that may happen more easily or may be of higher importance when working with psychological issues. This workshops explains these phenomena and shows how to deal with them.
These are the contents of the workshop:
•     we are Shiatsu therapists, not psychotherapists
•     the nature of a psychological crisis
•     physical symptoms expressing a psychological crisis
•     the strength and potential of Shiatsu in a psychological crisis
•     how to work with clients
–      in acute an emotional crisis
–      in a life crisis
–      suffering from pain
–      suffering from burnout
–      suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and dissociation
•     Shiatsu supporting psychotherapy and vice versa
•     how to deal with phenomena like the therapeutic space, transference and countertransference, dissociation, transference of symptoms from client to practitioner and others
•     how to master a psychological crisis occurring in a Shiatsu practice
•     qualification that is required of a Shiatsu therapist when working with psychological issues
This workshop will improve the participants daily practice also in cases, when no psychological issues seem to be involved.
This course is open to Shiatsu practitioners and to students who have studied Shiatsu for more than two years.

Further Iinformation and registration
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