11 - 14 Feb 2021

Working With Kyo and Jitsu

Course Description

Physical ailments such as headache, back-pain, or joint-pain, as well as emotional problems, crises in life or others, show clear energetic patterns within the human body. Everyone can see these patterns if one learns how to do it; it does not require supernatural abilities. What it does need though, are a vivid interest and, of course, practice.
Energy patterns arise from the play of kyo and jitsu. Perceiving kyo and jitsu and working clearly with these opposing forces therefore has become a central issue for me when working with clients who come to me with specific problems.
In this work local energetic opposites for example in the area of pain play a role, which are as important as opposing energy forces in more distant parts of the body. In such a shiatsu balancing kyo and jitsu at local interruptions in the vibrating space of a meridian are as important as working with opposite energy qualities of organ energies and meridian energies.
Therapeutic shiatsu is not aiming at eliminating kyo and jitsu. There is nothing wrong about these energetic charges. Instead we try to connect them by means of an “empty touch”. Thus we offer the chance for them to communicate with each other, and to balance – if it should happen to be the right moment in the life of this human being. In this way flow will improve, and flow is the expression of life.
In this seminar basics as well as essential techniques of such a work will be taught. Participants will learn to perceive and to judge energy patterns within meridians as well as in parts of the body. A number of techniques will be shown to balance the opposing energetic charges. Through monitoring changes in the energy patterns of an area treated it will be possible already within the treatment to securely assess the effect of one’s own work.
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